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After a tie, we had to put out the tie breaker and ask for a revote. Even by stopping the counting of the votes by midnight, it still came out to a draw. And the further comments beyond that STILL ended it in a draw. So, I selected three people and asked them for a winner, asking them to remove a bias for favorite characters but to instead look at the actual art instead. And after the ties, we had a winner!

Say congrats to the following victors!

1st Place: :iconfmabigfan:   Farewell Partner by fmabigfan

2nd Place: :iconhitantenshi:   A Broken Man by HitanTenshi

3rd Place: :iconaurelgweillys:   Thousand Faces by AurelGweillys

The contest winners will receive art from the following prize artists, be sure to check out everyone's galleries for more great art!

:iconhaydenmaye:     :iconbeastmastersam:     :iconsofonisbasaki:

Since the contest ended in two draws, both the first and second place artists will have their contest art featured on our group homepage!

Congratulations to the winners, and have a Merry Christmas everyone!
For our side character contest, we've had a two way tie for first and we need some quick voting action!

Qe need you guys to vote again and this time, choose between the two entries below. Voting will end at midnight CST so we can announce the winners for Christmas! The winner will take first with the other taking home second place!

Please vote between the two entries below!

1. :iconfmabigfan:   Farewell Partner by fmabigfan

2. :iconhitantenshi:   A Broken Man by HitanTenshi

Get those votes in quick and good luck!
All entries have been submitted and now it's time to vote! Contestants can't vote, but everyone else can.

There's only one vote per person, and you can either vote by leaving a comment on the page below, or sending a note to the group. Voting will end on the 24th!

These are what the contest winners will receive:

Prize Artists:   :iconhaydenmaye:     :iconbeastmastersam:     :iconsofonisbasaki:            

:bulletred: The first place winner will have their choice of one of the three, as well as a year-long feature on the group homepage.
:bulletblue: The second place winner will have their choice of the remaining two artists.
:bulletgreen: The third place winner will receive a prize from the remaining artist.

Please Vote!

No more entries will be accepted at this point.

1. :iconfmabigfan:   Farewell Partner by fmabigfan

2. :iconmarifuu:   The name's Greed! by marifuu

3. :iconjud-ferrer:   BUM! (Fire Alchemy) by jud-ferrer

4. :iconbugzattack:   Loyalty by BugzAttack

5. :iconaurelgweillys:   Thousand Faces by AurelGweillys

6. :iconhitantenshi:   A Broken Man by HitanTenshi

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Group Info

Welcome to FMABrotherhood, a group where all fans of the Brotherhood series or manga can have fun! We welcome all new members, so feel free to join!


Q: "Why can I only submit to featured?"
A: All artwork is submitted to featured, then later copied by an admin to its proper folder. This is so that everyone's artwork has the chance to be featured on the homepage, and so that nothing is misplaced in the wrong folder.

Q: "Why is there no yaoi/yuri allowed within the group?"
A: This group was created with the intentions of following the manga/brotherhood storyline very closely. Since there are no yaoi/yuri pairings within the series, it is not allowed within the group. Canon pairings only.

Q: "Why was my artwork not accepted within the group?"
A: It was probably rejected because it did not follow the rules listed on our homepage. (Listed below.)

Q: "How do I submit my entry to a contest?"
A: Simply leave a comment on the contest blog page with a link to your entry.
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Jan 16, 2011


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Congratulations to fmabigfan and HitanTenshi for taking first and second place in our Side Character Contest!

Farewell Partner by fmabigfan

A Broken Man by HitanTenshi

These are the group rules.

:bulletred: NO INNAPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR. We'll be very lenient on things, but some actions we will not stand for.

:bulletblue: NO YAOI/YURI. NO PAIRINGS OTHER THAN CANON. All pairing artwork MUST be canon! Such as: EdXWinry, RoyXRiza, AlXMay, etc. Yaoi/Yuri and awkward pairings - EdXRoy, or WinryXEnvy - are NOT allowed!

:bulletred: NO STOLEN ARTWORK. If we found that your artwork is really not yours, we will immediately remove it unless you have permission.

:bulletblue: ONLY FMAB RELATED MATERIAL. Do not try putting in some artwork from other shows, this is a strictly FMAB group. (artwork from the 2003 anime is allowed, SO LONG as it consists of characters that also appear in Brotherhood {like Edward, Roy, etc.}, not someone like Dante)
Also, any artwork from the movie CoS will not be accepted; i.e: Alphonse will not be accepted if has pony tailed long hair, or is wearing Ed's cloak, or of Roy with an eye-patch.

:bulletred: NO MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS. As funny/awesome/epic as they can be, we would like to keep them out of our gallery.

:bulletblue: NO SCREENSHOTS. They're awesome and all, but not really YOUR artwork. It's the animator's art. So please, no screenshots.

:bulletred: NO GENDERBENDING. We would appreciate it you keep characters like Ed as MALE and Winry as FEMALE.

:bulletblue: NO CROSSOVERS. Please, keep the artwork FMAB only.

:bulletred: ACTUAL ARTWORK. If someone submits something that's obviously just a recolored picture, a drawn over picture, or something that's just not really art, it will be declined.

:bulletblue: NO BBI ARTWORK. Bluebird's Illusion does not follow the actual story-line of FMA as portrayed in the manga or in Brotherhood, so it will not be accepted.

:bulletred: OCs ARE NOT ACCEPTED WITHIN THE GROUP on the grounds that they are not actually used in the manga or FMAB storyline. The only exception to this is within artworks or pieces of literature that need to create a "random person" to do something that an already existent character cannot, or will not do (such as Julia in the Milos movie.)

:bulletblue: NO COPYING OF OFFICIAL ARTWORK. ALL artwork must be original in concept. THIS INCLUDES DRAWINGS OF DIRECT SCENES WITHIN THE SHOW. If you want to draw a scene from FMAB, ensure that it is original and not an imitation of the animator's work.

:bulletred: NO WIPs. All artwork submitted to the group needs to be a COMPLETED version of the piece so as not to flood the folders with WIPs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact wolfhorseluvr12




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